Let there be light

This is part of the Home Improvening series.

Several weeks ago, we purchased a new light for our entryway to replace the 1980s smoked-glass-and-brass nightmare that had been hanging there since, well, the 1980s. My plan last week was to devote all of Saturday to \”opening the yard,\” wherein I mow, edge, weed (and feed), rake, thatch, prune, and plant for the first time of the year. Mother Nature had a different idea, so I was restricted to indoor activities.

The daunting thing about hanging the light was not the act itself of replacing a light. That stuff is easy. The challenge was the location of the light, anchored into the high, angled ceiling and positioned directly over stairs. There isn\’t a way to convey the scale of the light\’s position in one photograph, so here\’s two:

That\’s one sexy accessory, no? Awww yeah. Originally, I thought I would have to build some sort of platform over the stairs onto which I could position a regular ladder, and this explains why the new light had been sitting in the garage for over a month. Since I was trapped in the house on Saturday, I decided to make with the trial and error, starting with a weird ladder on indefinite loan to me from Gia\’s dad. It\’s a knockoff of a Little Giant; same design but smaller and with fewer features. It has four sections. I set three of them straight and angled the top one to essentially reach over the stairs from the floor. Next stop, Cirqu du Soleil:

I can\’t articulate the exact physics behind it, but adding an elbow in the ladder like that makes it, how you say, really fucking unstable. I looked like Chubby Checker up there throughout the entire process.

Long story short, there were a few tense moments, several swear words, a modest amount of sweating, and my arms and feet went numb, but the process only took about an hour and could have been much much worse. Doneski:




4 responses to “Let there be light”

  1. Much improved; great choice!

  2. 1) very pretty!
    2) how the heck did you hold the weight of the new fixture while balancing on the ladder and screwing in the wires.
    3) do you have 2 more arms that none of us are aware of?

  3. Jenn and I are about to undertake a similar removal of old, janky light to input newer, haute couture fixture. Good to know it is a survivable experience.